” The secrets of advertisements”

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” Street Fighter”

Street children fighting

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I found street children fighting at the oval plaza in our city

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    • Speak OutIt is obviously not for entertainment and guess what… the kid who told us ” nag away sila” in soft innocent tone was holding a cigar clipped on his small fingers… this is whats up?

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    • Speak Out

      was horrible cause the other kid was really bleeding! so sad… there are tricycle drivers watching them and can’t even tell them to stop fighting. Me and edison had this chance to come close where they are fighting and saw this 6 year old kid blood dripping and helpless.¬†
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    • Speak Out¬†This should be reported… why some people don’t care. Maybe scared?

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    • Speak Out¬†I think “away bata” is just fine if they’re not bleeding and choking each other. Some country is so responsive even on small matters but how come here it seems nothing :/

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    • Speak Out¬†let’s be observant…the scary part here is when someone is in trouble we will hide too. This is true… if ill hear shoot of guns for sure i’ll hide but not this one.

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    • Annie Borromeo Magbanua‚Äé..ano ginawa mo? (what did you do?)

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    • Speak Outsinaway lang pero honestly i was scared buti nalang sinbayan ako ni edison sanibihan ko sila nay may parating na pulis pero yung isa pinopugpug parin ng bato. Patayn na talaga anne. ( i told them to stop but honestly i was scared and warned them there are police men coming)

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    • Joan Talon Cristobalworst na talaga yan best (that’s a worst situation)

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    • Annie Borromeo Magbanuaano kaya kung ako nakakita non..?? hehehe, (i’m wondering what to do if im there?)

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    • Speak Out¬†hmmmm siguro the same reaction lol. Girls are more concern citizens hahaha

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    • Joshua Levi Turner¬†what does Nag Away Sila and Bata away mean ?And yes it is kinda sad how they always fight

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    • Speak Out¬†lol

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    • Speak Out¬†he said ” they are fighting” XD

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    • Speak Out¬†bata is a child or kid josh…

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    • Joshua Levi Turner¬†Yeah I get that ūüėõ

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    • Joshua Levi Turner¬†what does Away mean ?

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    • Speak Out¬†away means “fight” ūüėÄ

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      Discussion was closed and ended with OT. It’s funny but we hope to find changes somedayŠÉ¶‚ô°ŠÉ¶ (ÔĹ°‚óē‚ÄŅ‚óēÔĹ°).ŠÉ¶‚ô°ŠÉ¶.


“Rugby Wonderland”

Rugby Addiction

Helpless street children needed to have more ¬†proper guidance and financial support. Most of them are ¬†sniffing contact cement or known as ‚Äúrugby‚ÄĚ in the¬†Philippines¬† and are obviously replacing glue as their food. This is absolutely not a new problem because we found them since this glue was introduced and allowed it to be bought over the counter but the addiction took over the minds of these group of children and changed them into rebelious with uncontrolled behavior. I actually ¬†tried, i sniffed a small bottle of rugby to know exactly the effects and the pleasure it could give to my body but i don‚Äôt feel any relaxing effects but dizzyness and lose of appetite. I‚Äôm convinced that all their reasons why they are sniffing rugby are invalid because ¬†they can even¬†¬†say NO through telling their ¬† brain not to because of the awful odor. I can say that it is really pure addiction like adult sniffing drugs, selling and tripping. Most of these children are begging money; people are forced or willing to hand them some¬†because of their innocent look and ¬†age.

Whatever the reasons why these kids are still sniffing glue, they still need a good treatment from other people to make them feel special in an ordinary way. Honestly, though they are just little kids i’m scared of them because they are bullying and harming people. I saw a group of kids ages 5-11 near the place where i stay and witness how hungry they are in sniffing this kind of glue. This kid took empty ice bags, placed glue  and gave it to his friends or maybe brothers and shared it to everyone in the group. People just stared at them maybe beacause they are also afraid of the sharp things they are carrying with them. It is funny that even adults are running away when the rugby kids are around.

Little children are playful and imaginative. When i tried searching for images of kids who are sniffing contact cement, i felt sad because i found mixed pictures of kids who are happy, active in playing ‚Äúrugby‚ÄĚ as a sport and kids who are topless, messy and sniffing the brownish glue. There are so much differences to each pictures and it is depressing because we can‚Äôt help them right away ¬†but to trust the goverment in finding ways on how to help and rescue them out of addiction. It is not always easy to help street children who are not willing to change and some are still ¬†having hard time to let go of this fancy wonderland insirted to their innocent mind and abusing them while allowing this harmful sticky glue to play an imaginative solutions in their lives. I believe they are not serius because all they thought is; it is ¬†just a sticky thing not to worry about. It is maybe a wonderland that will give them temporary pleasure but ¬†softly and slowly ¬†killing their future.